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Villa Lake Holistic Wellness LLC is built on a foundation of love.  It started out with me as a mother (and later grandmother) looking for ways to help my own family with wellness and natural healing. The fundamental truth is that the things we ingest, absorb, and breathe have a great and decisive impact on our physical and psychological wellbeing.  Our physical health has a great impact on our psychological health, and vice versa.  I wanted these principles to work for us rather than against us.  As I delved more specifically into these principles, each piece of information with which I armed myself led me down yet another path. 

Aside from food consumption, I began to look more closely at what we were absorbing into our bodies from our personal/beauty products.  To say I was discouraged is a gross understatement. I began to make our products at home.  I replaced synthetics with with organics and learned the vast benefits of essential oils.  The power of the oils became even more apparent as we began to use them as additions to our medicine chest, eventually nearly filling it in lieu of the many available synthetic healing aids.  Don't get me wrong -- trips to the doctor's office are still necessary sometimes, but usually the natural and essential oil remedies were keeping us away.  Between us we used several prescription medications but effectively replaced many of them with essential oil use.

As I met so many people who were struggling with stress and anxiety, and I too was often overcome personally by stress, I delved into the power of positive energy and meditation.  The positive psychological effects of the essential oils became extremely apparent as well.  

As I put my knowledge into practice, others were interested in what I was doing for my family.  Thus began a business with a foundation of love, with a guarantee that I only offer, to you and your family, products and services that my family has used and "approved".

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                                                                       ~ Sharon


Board Certified, American Association
of Drugless Practioners
International Association of Reiki Professionals
National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy
Alternative Therapy Association
My Inspiration

My inspiration is my family!  I thank them for supporting me in my endeavors.  My family kindly tests my products before they go out to other volunteer testers.  I trust every one of my products enough to have them use the very first round of my recipes.  I believe in what we're made of.

My husband and my sons are Men's Shoppe Testers.  They are the first to give me a review, and trust me, they give an honest review!  Sometimes the product is "spot on" and out it goes for further testing.  Other times it's back to the drawing board!

Two wonderful young ladies are a part of my life thanks to my sons, and they test many products as well.

My grandson has been my SpokesBaby from the beginning, and now he is five years old!  He is excited to test my products and does so on a regular basis.  You can find the children's and babies product line here.

Maxwell is my SpokesHog.  He's my sweet and shy little African Pygmy Hedgehog who LOVES lavender essential oil!  Check out his Maxwell & Friends line of products here.

Norton, because he is my oldest of three dogs, is my SpokesDog and co-sponsor of Norton & Friends products for dogs.  Check his product line out here.

Sidney (Sids) is my SpokesKitty for the cat product line.  He is the feline son of my beautiful Stef and my son Bradley.  You can check out the Sids & Friends product line here.

I want to thank all of the people who are volunteer testers of my products.  I know that they put their faith and trust in me, the ingredients I use and my recipes to join ingredients.  They are lending me their skin and I appreciate it!

Naturally for Everyone
In a world full of synthetic chemicals, we are fortunate that we can choose to provide our families with high quality natural and organic alternatives.  I love what I do because I care about all of us, our children, our pets, our communities and the future of the world we pass along.
I believe in the value of the whole individual.  So many factors
contribute to our wellbeing
on many levels.
You'll Love Our Men's Shoppe
I offer one on one consultations to help you choose the right Villa Lake Naturals products and holistic services that are right for you. Please contact me for more information or a consultation.
Whether you seek continued health, natural approaches to stress reduction and relaxation, or services for a pet's comfort and care, I offer products and services for natural physical and emotional wellbeing and holistic healing.

I live in Richmond, Virginia. I offer the following services to those who live within a wide radius of my business:

  • Natural Products

  • Essential Oils

  • Certified Holistic Life Coaching

  • Certified Essential Oils Coaching

  • ​Certified Brain Fitness Coaching

  • Aromatherapy for family and pets including Aromatherapy Touch - Raindrop Technique: You can find more information for adults and children, babies and pets  here , here and here in our Store .

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