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Do you add preservatives to your products?

I do add preservatives to products that include water, a water equivalent substance, or products that one can reasonably expect may have water introduced into the dry ingredients.  Examples of the latter include bath salts, milk baths and scrubs.  Though they don't contain water, they are kept near water and used in the bath, so it is very easy for a little bit of water to mix with the product and grow bacteria.  This is the one reason that I cannot make the claim that every one of my products is 100% natural. Some products are 100% natural, and those with preservatives are 98.5% to 99% natural.  I use organic ingredients where available, and I use 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils.

WHY USE PRESERVATIVES?  Natural products that include or can incorporate water can quickly grow mold.  You may not be able to see the mold as it grows, so you could be using a "moldy" product well before you actually visually see mold.  Natural products that include water or to which water may likely be introduced, without preservatives, should be kept in a cold, dark place like the refridgerator, and if you research you may also find that the products should be used very quickly, sometimes within as early as three weeks or less depending on the product.  I do not want you, a child, a pet, me, my family or anyone else to use a product that is unhealthy.  Though all other ingredients are natural and organic, I DO use preservatives in my own family's personal products because the safety of preservatives seems to far outweigh the harm done through use of a product with mold growth.  I can't imagine me, my family, my friends, pets and customers being slathered with anything moldy on their face or body!  YUCK!  Again, this is the one reason that I cannot claim that every one of my products is 100% natural.

CAN I REQUEST A PRODUCT WITHOUT A PRESERVATIVE ADDED?  Yes, you can!  When you complete your order you can send me a note that I should omit the preservative in your product(s).   Without a preservative added, you should keep your product in a cool dark place and use all of the product very quickly to avoid being subjected to nasty mold.  From time to time I cross opinions stating that there are natural preservatives, for example vitamin E or grapefruit seed extract (GSE).  However, I find more scientific support that there are no actual natural preservatives and I have seen mold growth in products with these added components.  Yet, vitamin E and GSE do appear to be helpful in the delay of rancidity.

ARE PRESERVATIVES NEEDED FOR PRODUCTS WITHOUT A WATER OR WATER-EQUIVALENT COMPONENT?  If a product is made without a water or water-equivalent component, such as a balm, salve, body oil, etc., a preservative is not necessary as mold cannot grow in this environment.  However, please know that no matter where you get your natural products, oils can go "rancid".  Therefore, it's best not to let them sit in your cabinet for a few years.   Where applicable, my product labeling includes an expiration date.

WHAT PRESERVATIVES DO YOU USE?  Recommended preservatives are different depending upon the individual product and the ingredients it includes.  If you have any questions about the preservatives in a product or if you would like for your product to be preservative-free, please contact me.
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